Mission planner files to HERELINK QGC?


I designed a large mission that include many sub missions in Mission planner.

On the field, i have MP sending missions to the drone. i have Herelink as a command and mission monitoring.

I can download to QGC at each mission on the field from the drone, no problem.

I’d like to add a level of security and store all my missions to the Herelink memory so i can launch any mission if my telemetry link or my laptop fails. I cannot because mission planner .waypoints are not recognized by QGC.

I just tried to read my MP missions with the laptop version og QGC and it works. but i still don’t know how to send the whole project the the herelink device.

We are going for 4 days 3 nights expedition in the wild, so i want security to conduct and finish the work.

Thanks for helping.


Please change .waypoint by .txt and copy it to Herelink QGC