Mission planner video Frame per second


My video receiver output capable and sending 1080p 30fps.when I connected to mission planner video setting it’s shows 1920*1080 10fps only.

When seeing the video in mission planner it’s keep stucking .I mean video always viewable but it’s like 1s video 0.5sec like photo .

i need alot more info, about your source, how you connecting. how your getting the 10fps number etc.

my video source is 1080p airunit and ground side also 1080p 60 capable .
HDMI output I’m converting with usb grabber without any resolution degrade using this https://www.amazon.in/Camcorder-Computer-Streaming-Conference-Broadcasting/dp/B08FBNDGPW
but mission is capable of delivering 10fps?as below screen shot.

my video receiver output resolution:
Screenshot (351)

How fast is your laptop, also try when plugged into ac. I’ve seen throttling speed issue on some laptops.

Did you ask about RAM speed?

My laptop specification during testing my laptop was connected with AC adapter .