Mission Time in QGC

Hi all,

QGC on Herelink (at least on our system) calculates always a wrong mission time (much too long).

We noticed that QGC always indicates 40min 28sec „default“ mission time without any waypoint set. Restart of QGC does not resolve this.

Is the problem only with our herelink? Any workaround available other than always deducting 40min from the calculated time?



Hi @Sven,

we have a similar issue with some of our units. Exact the same 40:28. But only with some of our units. A customer has one with the issue and one without. He searched in detail for the differences between the units but could not identify them.

Do you have preflight check list activated?

Did you find a solution?

THX, Tobias

Hi Tobias,

Good to know that it’s not only me.

I could not resolve it. No matter what, Herelink QGC always adds 40:28 min to the mission duration. Even if I create a mission with QGC on Windows PC. It is fine on the PC but after being copied to Herelink, 40:28 min are added to the duration by QGC on Herelink.

I have two Herelink units. The second one does not have the problem (never had).

I failed to identify any difference between the 2 units. Preflight-Checklist are deactivated on both units.

Only difference is: Arducopter 4.05 on the first copter and 4.07 on the second copter. Hard to imagine that this could make a difference as the problem occurs also offline without connection to an autopilot.

Would be great if you could get to the bottom of it.


Hi Sven,

thank you for the answer! I think if we have to combine our powers to get to the bottom of the issue.

I have all units running on 4.07 and 2 out of more than 15 have the issue. It occurred only this year and not before. This might hint to the Arducopter version running on the copters. Did you use Arducopter <4.07 with the copter which is working correctly before 4.07?
How did you update the HereLink, online only or with the image updating software?


The drones came from the manufacturer with the firmware pre-installed by them. I did not update them since then.

The one with 4.05 had the problem from day one.

The one with 4.07 was ok from the beginning.

Anything I should check. I am at a loss as to where to look for the potential cause.



could you send me the Arducopter parameter files of your copters?
The only idea left with the HereLink configuration would be rally points or SmartRTL.


Yes. Can you activate PM? Your profile is hidden so I can’t PM you.

Hi Sven,
excuse me, I didn’t see this. But I don’t understand where to activate the PM option.
Did you solve the issue?