Mission transfer failed with QGC


I just built a new quadcopter equipped with a Black Cube, Here2 antenna and Herelink.

I regularly encounter a message at startup with QGC: “Mission transfer failed. Retry trasnfer. Error: Mission read failed, maximum retries exceeded”.

The Cube has well gps mission in memory, because despite the message, if, during a flight, I select Auto mode, it works correctly.

However, if I try to manually download the mission, it does not work and I cannot execute the Auto flight command and there is an alert.

Do you have a solution for me?


I have tried again and still have the same problem in about 1/3 of the starts.

I have to reboot the Cube or the Herelink for the mission to load correctly.

I had read this post before contacting you, but I don’t know if my problem is really similar and I did not fully understand the procedure.

This is my eighth HL and this is the first I have encountered this problem with.

The solution in that topic is
Go to QGC app > click the Q icon at top-left corner > Click Comm Links > Click Add to create new link configuration
Name: whatever
Type: UDP
Listening Port: 14551

But I’m not sure if this will help.
You may try to reflash the firmware on Herelink controller.

Thank you for your reply.

I made the change, but it didn’t change anything.

I will try to reflash the HL

confirm if you have mavlink 2 enabled on the comport

Hello Michael,

Sorry for my late response.

The hardware is no longer in my possession and I can’t remember if mavlink 2 was enabled.

Thanks for your help.