MissionPlanner New Settings

I have some ideas for improving the use of MissionPlanner itself.

  1. Servo tab - it’s nice that you can rename buttons, but two things will sort it out and streamline it. The first is the ability to remove unnecessary buttons, either all for a given servo, or individual buttons (e.g. I don’t want Middle and toggle). The second is a bit wider field for descriptions because I can’t fit OPEN or CLOSE.
  2. The ACTIONS tab contains a few buttons to change modes, unfortunately not the ones I need. How could these modes be changed? To leave four or five buttons and the user could name them himself would be great. For example, I need AUTO, POSHOLD, ALHOLD, LAND, TAKEOFF, PAUSE MISSION, RESUME MISSION
  3. Rotating map during flight. I know that in CONFIG / PLANNER menu we have options “Map is rotated to follow the plane”, but best (for me) is static rotating maps on the cours of start and never rotating during flight. For now I have map rotated only on the north direction. When I go to place of start I have park my wehicle to the front of direction of flight (for example to the west) and I want to have top of the map to be direction to the west.
  4. QUICK tab it’s nice that you can undock it ideally if I could determine the color of a given parameter because now it is random.
  5. It would be nice if I could undock the Message tab as well
  6. When planning the route, I use the 189 command, maybe you could paste it on the list, I wouldn’t have to remember that it has 189 code.