Missouri S&T's update on using CubePilot

Cubepilot’s Cube Orange has opened a world of possibilities in UAS/UAV opportunities. Our team uses them to gather accurate data about the vehicle’s location and positioning. The redundant sensors and high processing power allow it to function efficiently and accurately. Acting as the brain of the system, the cube takes in data from sensors and auxiliary computers to execute commands with a very high level of precision. We use the Cube to develop large custom drones of any and all sizes to perform specific tasks. Some of the tasks that the cube is being used for include autonomous delivery, GPS waypoint missions, photography, and many many more. The cube’s versatile design allows it to be used in any drone for any purpose. The line of GPS is also great, we currently use the Here3 GPS which gives us precise and accurate location data. Having a flight computer separate from the carrier board gives it the ability to be used in smaller custom drones as well as larger drones that have a greater need for sensors and peripherals. Our team uses the Cube’s advanced autopilot features to complete missions with ease. This year, the drone is being equipped with a water bottle delivery mechanism which will be controlled by the cube to safely and effectively deliver materials to specific points. Having the option to run PX4 on the cube allows for an advanced library of code to be utilized in our autonomous missions which sets it apart from many other flight controllers. Overall, having the Cube in our arsenal has given our team a step up on many of our missions and the challenges that have come with them. (below is a picture of our most recent build, a hexcopter with the ability to scan and identify objects.