MJPEG video stream support for QGC Version that is for herelink

I was not sure where to post this, but it does relate to the herelink because the firmware, as it is my understanding that the version of QGC is updated with herelink remote controller firmware since it is hardware specific.

The version of QGC on herelink does have option to set stream type to MJPEG, Funny Chat GPT seems to think it does have this option but its wrong.

Also what are some other apps that people are using with herelink?

And for those who are sending video over ethernet with herelink, what kind of latency are you all getting with this kind of setup? and would you mind providing some information of how you have your stream setup?

Reasons why I may not be seeing the option:

  1. Outdated app version: It’s possible that you’re using an outdated version of the app that doesn’t support MJPEG video streams. Try updating the app to the latest version and see if the option becomes available.
    My herelink is up to date so if I understand correctly it is supposed to update the app my QGC app version is 4.0.8 (OLD) as the latest version on QGC website is v4.2.5

  2. Incompatible device: Some Android devices may not support MJPEG video streams, so the option may not appear in the QGroundControl app. Check the device specifications and make sure it supports MJPEG video streams. Does herelink not support this?

  3. Hidden setting: It’s possible that the option for MJPEG video streams is hidden by default and needs to be enabled in the app settings. Look for a setting related to video streams or video formats and see if MJPEG is listed as an option. Give me all the settings please where is that back door if any?

  4. Drone compatibility: MJPEG video streams may only be supported by certain types of drones or cameras, so if you’re not seeing the option in the app, it could be because your drone or camera doesn’t support it.