Momentary GPS Loss


I am getting momentary GPS glitches at varying intervals during my flights, the system is a pixhawk2 with Here2+ RTK during the glitch which only lasts about 1 second the HDop is 100 NSat is 0 and the RX reports GPS lost then immediately GPS found
I could understand it if the sat count was low but it is always around 15 I thought it could be a connection issue but cant see any other errors
Any help would be appreciated


Looks like a connector issue to me.

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@philip Thanks for taking a look that was my initial theory it has done it from new in two different aircraft
Hopefully its the cable

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I am still getting random disconnects with the Here+ RTK Rover on the Cube Black
I initially replaced the cable with one supplied from 3DXR the issue remained the same. since then I have installed a new ADS-B carrier board and Cube Orange which has made the issue worse I am now getting more frequent disconnects for longer periods I have attached a link to a recent log file after eliminating the other major components it looks to me like it could be a faulty module?!WI9jzKAZ!PZlHRUGGqpkwHA-L-QVH2NOZMvpdPl929LWv8WlyBi0