Mot_Thrt_Hover doesn´t change


Im testing a new quad, and after the first, second and 3erd flight, I have check the MOT_THST_HOVER and is stuck on 0.2. MOT_HOVER_LEARN is set to 2.

I know the MOT_THST_HOVER can´t be 0.2, because its a quite heavy.

This are the mot params

FW 4.1.1

What im doing wrong?


Are you using AltHold mode or Loiter?

I have try both

Well 0.2 might be the correct value. You would have to provide a .bin log file for us to be able to check.


Today i have try it again and the value has change, so we are ok, Why didint change before? no one will know… heheh

Time - you have to hover in AltHold for about 30 seconds, or Loiter. If you are doing only very short flights and using all pitch and roll in Stabilise, hover wont adjust. No one will ever know for sure without seeing a .bin log file.

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great, may be was that, because the first flights wasnt too long.