For parameter MOT-THST-EXPO is the value determined by The individual propeller blade length or the Propeller blades adapter installation diameter?

It is generalized in Arducopter tuning instructions with respect to full diameter of propeller. But it’s actually dependent on your propulsion system.
You need to bench test the motor, esc, prop combo to get the expo value.

So, would the value be determined by the curve or is it more and automatic value that Would be mathematically calculated by the system through the process of bench testing?

You need to run bench test for various PWM values and input the values here(
This will give you the MOT_THST_EXPO value.
Refer this for more info
I haven’t seen much difference if the vehicle has prop size under 15". Stock 0.65 works till 15".

Thank you sir.
I will give this a try.


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