Motor Cut Off

Well testing on the bench at full pitch my motors are shutting off. this was only during a bench test and not in flight. This is a new set up and has not flown yet. It may be a result of more extensive tuning but has me concerned. if that had happened during a flight aircraft would’ve crashed. Anybody experiencing the same situation? What is the resolution? To prevent cut off’s at full pitch.

Hey @mikefaith
I assume you are using Arducopter. That’s how Ardupilot detects crash and cuts off motors. Since you are bench testing, you are not letting aircraft aircraft change its attitude as requested by the autopilot. If you don’t let Ardupilot change things as expected for 1 or 2secs, it considers it as crash and cuts off power to motors.
You can post a video or check Mission planner messages to check crash indication.

Makes sense. Thank you

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