Mounting HereFlow

I wanted to see how the people were mounting the HereFlow units? Are you just using a good double stick tape to the chassis with it or has anyone used any 3D printed mounts for it?

I have seen a 3d printed sleeve for it (I believe on the Ardupilot forum), but I’m just using the low-profile version of adhesive-backed Dual Lock (the velcro-like stuff but with only one type of grip surface). I love this stuff, I use it on LiPos too (in combination with straps is rock solid).

It’s nice because with the light weight of the HereFlow it ain’t coming loose, but you can easily remove/reattach if needed (maintenance or whatever).

The sleeve is probably a good idea – if I get around to it I’ll still use the Dual Lock but to the sleeve instead of the HereFlow itself.