Multi button configuration


I want to change the zoom of my camera when the drone is flying. I use the buttons A (PWM 1000) and B (PWM 2000) configured in channel 6 to zoom in and zoom out (multi config).

When I press button A, the camera start zoom in but don’t stop unless I press button B (then the camera start zoom out and, again, don’t stop).

I need to configure two buttons in the same channel, but with Momentary config. In this way, I’ll modify the zoom of the camera only when I press the button (the zoom stops when I release the button).

Is there any way to do this? Thank you!

You may try mavlink button with the zoom message

Thank you, Alvin. I use a Pixhawk 4 board with PX4. My camera is a Foxtech FH310Z and to control it I use the Manual Passthrough config in PX4. I think that this camera doesn’t support mavlink messages. Is there another way?

It behave like that because the buttons stays at the PWM position after being pressed.
You may try to make a lua script to proceed the RC signal with more complicated logic.

Using the top-left wheel would be easier.