Multi Herelink Test


I have done some tests with my herelink units as follows:
Unit A Herelink is the master unit connected the drone, with video sharing enabled.
Unit B Herelink is connected to the Unit A’s hotspot, receiving telemetry data and video feed. (You get to change parameters on unit B as well which is a pretty cool feature.) Unit B is left next to Unit A.
Unit C Herelink is also connected to Unit A’s wifi. C is then moved further away from the setup which causes the video feed on all three units to start pixelating and freeze. Only when C is disconnect from the hotspot do the video feeds on A and B return to normal.

May I ask if there are functions to prevent slave units from affecting the main video feed? At the same time, any options of assigning only certain controls only to slave units? (gimbal control etc.)

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Can we listen to the video only without interaction?


Will review this issue internally and revert with solution and/or reason.