Multiple HereFlow



I have 2 HereFlow, so I want to use one for the font and another pointing down.

The Can BUS supposes to alow to connect multiple sensors, but I cant make the second HF work.

I have change the orientation on the rngfnd2, use the Can2 port, try with the external carrier to use just the CAN1 port, etc, and nothing.

May be I have to change the address ID fromt he HF? If that so, how can I do it?

What Im missing?



You are missing the new code that is being worked on at the moment in master.

Keep an eye on the DNA work, and the device ID tables

This will allow ardupilot to figure out which device is which better

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So, what is DNA ?:sweat_smile:


Dynamic Node Allocation


ok. So if I uderstand well, the code is not ready to do this right? I have the last master FW for my cube.