Multiple Herelink on single network

Really liking the (relatively) low cost hardware for here-link air unit. Great range, compact etc.

I am looking at doing some long range multi-drone “swarm” type operations. We have been using ESP8266 but don’t get the range. Before I jump up the cost ladder to something like MicroHard I was wondering if the herelink hardware can be adapted for the purpose.

Can any of the devs comment if it is possible to configure multiple air-units with different fixed IP addresses and connect them to a single base unit/network? (A router or another “air unit” for example).

Happy to provide more detail on the specific use case if needed.

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@Duncan_Hine yes you can do this. We have been able to get 5 aircraft connected all controlled from 1 hotspot and one laptop, with 5 different controllers.