Multirotor Design Team at Missouri S&T

This year the Missouri S&T Multirotor Design team will be competing at the Student Unmanned Aerial Systems competition. We have been able to integrate CubePilot’s Here GPS system and Cube Orange plus into our design to allow for an advanced autopilot to allow for complex mission tasks to be completed. Our drone, Maverick, is a hexacopter X with the ability to drop two water bottles at a time on targets that it identifies with it’s on board camera and Jetson computer. Running PX4 firmware allows us to code the mission with MAVSDK libraries and use offboard commands to complete the mission tasks. The cube’s modularity and versatility allows for us to use many different connections including an FTDI board, CAN bus, I2C bus to Sonars, servos and more. We would like to give a huge thanks to CubePilot for all of their support in our competition and drone education!