Mysterious Crashes with Post Jan 2019 Pixhawk 2.1's - Log Analysis


You can see my previous post in the “Mandatory Safety Bulletins” thread for reference:

As Philip already has told us, it seems that the issues we have been having with the two drones I mentioned in my post, are unrelated to the post January 2019 Pixhawk INS issues. Here are logs from five crashes that we have not been able to glean anything from yet: Google Drive Crash Log Folder. Hopefully you can see some issues that we missed.

Thanks ahead for all your help!

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Thanks, will have a look

Hello Philip,

I’m just checking in, did you take a look at the logs yet?


cane field crash.

from takeoff the vehicle was struggling, the system is way out of balance. to maintain normal flight RC 1 3 6 were maxed out… At this point, it only takes a gust of wind to push the system beyond its limits and cause a crash.

Things to look for…

  1. damaged or incorrectly installed props…
  2. out of balance system…

The one with EKF variance on the title…

was flying fine till it clipped something in flight…
any chance it clipped a branch on that tree? or hopefully not a bird?

you see that the vehicle was doing fine till the acce’s detects a very sudden impact… all down hill from there.

Overall I am not seeing any issues related to the service bulletin in any of these, the cube is logging all the way to the ground.

Someone like @CraigElder may be willing to assist you in setting your vehicles up better and helping find some common issues in the other logs.