Need help with Herelink button mapping

Hello, on I have a servo attached to the aux input on the Cube Orange and I need help controlling it with the camera button on my here link how do I do it?

I think you will have to read the manual. First step would be to assign a channel to the button on the Herelink and second step is to assign a function to this channel in Arducopter. There is a lot of documentation out there.

I did map it out on the solex app as aux channel 1 but not sure how to do it in Arducopter

I think it depends on the channel you are using. if it is a lower channel you can do it as described in the link below, if you are using an higher channel you must du the same think within the parameters.

The steps are:

  1. choosing an aux which is a configurated as relay or adapt the brd_pwm_count parameter
  2. config the RCx_OPTION (x=channel) to trigger the corresponding relay

I hope I’m not missing something, I would recommend to look into the documents. Without studying the manual very carefully you will at least miss the power behind Arducopter or will at most loose youre vehicle at some point due to misconfiguration.

So, if I understand it right, I can set up my drone landing gear on aux 6 and set the -1 to disable and to 1 to turn it on?

Thank you!

Or would it be better on aux channel 1?

Simplest way is in HereLink settings under buttons assign the CAM to Sbus 8.

In Mission Planner under the servo screen set servo 8 to RC8 and that should then pass though.

For more info on the setting up of buttons see the docs.

I will add some more to this and a video soon.