Need help with new update and buttons


I have updated my Herelink to the new update and I am with some people a little confused. I am running a pump on the older firmware using the camera trigger on the Herelink using QGC and Copter 4.0.3 and mapped it to RC9 (rc pass thru) and have it plugged into the Aux 1 channel. I am trying to figure out how to do that now as I have read there is no more SBUS channels. Any help please?

Just map the button you want in Solex to Aux 9 and remove the config for camera trigger in MP and your sorted.

Sorry, I am meant to say I am using QGC and thank you for your videos.

At the moment your stuck on that one sorry. It should not being long before more options come on this.

Can I map it to A, B, C or D buttons?

Have you tried the wheel for you application. Its available

I can’t just hold a wheel with tension that long. I just do not get this new update…pretty frustrating.

If you can switch over to Solex you would have a solution for now. This is all Beta stuff.