Need mavlink2 for item transfer


When I reset the HL or turn on after the drone, I get this message several times:

Need mavlink2 for item transfer

what does it mean?

Hi @philip , can you give it a look of this?


Getting that at start up every time on two different aircraft, as well.

Have you tried setting mavlink 2?

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I didnt knwow about mavlink 2… any link to set up?


@philip any link to chek the mavlink 2 setup?

Here is a good discussion on the topic


I have the same problem, every time I start HereLink with any Pixhawk cube I have (I have 3) the controller is telling me several times:

  • [Need mavlink2 for item transfer]

I went through the kink you posted, but it is really confusing me and I do not really know what I have to do.

you have to change your serial_protocol to Mavlink2 and that´s it!

Hello, I really appreciate your help! Could you please tell me where I could find this option in either Qgroundcontrol or Mission Planner?

Thanks in advance!


Here is it

of course it depend of what serial port are you using, in my case serial1.

Happy flight!

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Thanks a LOT! :slight_smile: now everything is quieter and not annoying.

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Thanks guys!