Need new camera

need a new camera for our drone Requirements are:
1.compact/small camera compatible with tarot gimbal
2.real time geotagging images(for ex with drotagx cable)

Hi @shivam with some 3d printed minor mods you can mound this:

is similar to gopro in terms of size and weight but it comes with 1" sensor 16Mpx

is sony rxo is compatible with drotagx cable,because i need a geotagged photo in real time and use it for aerial mapping purpose.
right now i am using sony aplha 6000

Hi @shivam, for my drone (Air Surveyor4 for mapping) I modified the sony A6000 to be around 170gr without lenses. If you interested I can modified your camera or send you an already modified. If your gimbal is capable to handle the weight I can make it work with your gimbal. If you need more informations please free to ask me.

yes we are intrested in modification. kindly help us with it.
also i would like to know which gimbal you are using? since we are not using any gimbal so far

Sorry for my late reply. I can modify your Sony A6000 for 250€ or send you a new one modified for 700€ plus shipping costs. I made my own 2d gimbal with alexmos controller. How much weight is your drone capable to carry?

can you suggest a small camera like go pro hero 4 which can be triggered by pwm signal