Need some help ordering cube and parts

After reading for long time I want to buy cube orange but need some help ordering parts.

My setup:
Fixed wing 3d printed

Cheap test wing for testing setup. In case crash minimal downtime because i can reprint parts.

It has 1 motor
4 servos
1 esc thats it

I plan to add

  • herelink
  • cube orange
  • smart battery pack
  • here gps 3
  • here flow
  • good quality camera compatible with hetelink preferrable hd 1080 with zoom feature small form factor not to expensive to begin with

What do i need else power downregulator?
What cables?
Its a bit hard to find a reseller that has all the parts…
Perhaps something for the wiki a writeup on how to connect all parts

Finally it would be great to be able to use dji fpv goggles. Can i use a mavlink to dji conversion chip for that?

Kind regards

You may need a few step down modules to power up your peripheral. You won’t want to draw too much power from the Cube.

You may need a longer HDMI cable, depends on the layout/how you place the components.