New Beta, Solex, QGC, and Ardurover

First of all thank you for continued development of the Herelink unit. I’m a minority here for sure using this on the rover code. It’s actually a boat. I’m no stranger to Solex or the capabilities of Kelly as I have five Solo’s. This upgrade did nothing for me. I’m not complaining but just giving feedback. using Solex and the flight modes it has learning mode and no loiter. Learning mode is gone in rover and loiter is a mode. I use two cameras. A Gopro 3+ black as my powered fpv camera and a Sony 5100 for photography. Switching back and forth between the two seems to cause Solex video to crash leaving me blind. Also the button mapping needs work. I use a Seagull #map2 with the Sony camera. With the old Beta on QGC you could set up buttons for a momentary purpose or toggle for different PWM’s. This is a good thing to have besides Mavlink commands. I played around with the DOSETSERVO and Mavlink stuff on Solex a bit but with the video feed crashing frequently I went back to the new QGC. Currently I’m actually using CH4, Yaw stick, for turning on and off the camera and taking pictures in two different shutter modes. Again, not complaining, the old beta served me better.

Just my two cents.


The point of beta updates is to find issues like this.

I’m not seeing the mode issue you are seeing, I have a rover on HereLink and the modes are working fine.

I don’t have two cameras however, so will have to try that

I can also confirm that Cam switching in Solex will break streaming.

Can you explain more by what you mean breaking ?

I have been trying duel cameras tonight and it’s working for me ok. There is a second or 2 downtime as it switches but that’s not new.

I will look again today to see if Loiter is missing on the menu. I gave up on solex kinda quick, because of the video turning off, and went back to QGC for my bench testing. I will also see if there is some sequence of events that causes the video to crap out. The gopro is always on and the Sony 5100 I turn on and off as needed. I think its turning the Sony on and off that causes the whole video , both cameras, to fail. QGC is working well. I did like the button options in the old version better. Thank you.

if you have QGC running in the background, it can hijack the camera feed.
reboot, and do not start QGC.

I’ll check into that and give it a try. Thank you.