New build, Yaw and Pitch swapped

So first props on test with the new build with Cube Orange +

I setup as per the manual and tried a test flight.

Quad is clearly was not working correct as it immediately tried to pitch forward and will not correct its self.

I then try to correct for this with the sticks and the quad starts to rotate on the yaw axis.

Some further bench testing shows yaw rotation from pitch control and vise versa.

I have confirmed all motor rotations and prop direction but I will test again with the Motor Test function.

Any ideas what I have missed or setup incorrectly?


@Simba15 please start the Radio Calibration panel on Mission Planner Radio Control Calibration — Mission Planner documentation . And confirm stick inputs are matching the correct action. Do RC Calibration as well while you are doing that.

Solved. It was set for 8 motors.