New Carrier Board


I was checking the proficnc website, and i saw this:

what for is the antena? It say is a ADS-B reciver from Uavionics. I saw its to know another aircraft positions, but how does it work??


It is a fully featured ADSB receiver built into the carrier board!

Have a look at the UAvionix Ping. It’s a $250 ADSB receiver that can connect to any ardupilot or PX4 based Autopilot as well as many DJI units.

We have worked closely with UAvionix to build the 1090 receiver into the new carrier board, to give you this functionality, and as you see, the cube Orange, plus the new ADSB carrier board is the same price as just the ADSB receiver!!!

Ardupilot allows you to set up the ADSB receiver to notify you of potential dangers, as well as actively avoiding them.

Safety first!

A big thanks to all that donated time and resources to this project! All are adding this at a loss, to improve safety in this industry!



Here is the link to preorder, if someone want to buy it!

the ADSB on the board is just “in”? just listen? or it can boradcast too?

I was cheking a video about it, and there is an IN and OUT protocol. This board has both?


In only.

This is a steal of a deal.

Two quick questions regarding the ADS-B carrier board:

  • Does the ADS-B receiver consume one of the serial ports or I2C addresses?
  • Are there provisions for a longer/different antenna for drones which have the FC buried inside a cabin?

It uses serial 5

There is a footprint for a u.FL surface mount connector, but it’s not fitted. It could of course be manually added.

Any internal pics of this ?

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