New Cubes, Kore Carrier Boards, Herelinks, T-Motor Sets, Tattu 6S Lipos for Sale - Open to offers

As a result of Covid, our business has had to change direction, so we have a lot of new unused UAV components we no longer require.

we have the following available all brand new, open for offers:

10 x Herelink
10 x Here 2
10 x Kore Carrier Board
10 x Cube Black
18 x HRTC 1200W 2 Channel Lipo Charger
25 x 25Ah Tattu 6S LiHV Batteries
10 x 17Ah Tattu 6S LiHV Batteries
8 x T-Motor MN601S 320KV with Alpha 60 ESC and 20" Folding Polymer Props
12 x T-Motor U5 with Alpha 40 ESC and 16" Folding Polymer Props

Also if anyone is interested in 700mm and 900mm diameter quadcopter frames CF and machined aluminum, we have plenty of these

Sad to see all these components just sitting there, so keen for offers either for the lot or individually.

Stock is in New Zealand, but we can ship anywhere

Direct Message for more info if required


Im so sorry to read this… Hope you can get on your feets again soon.

Can you send me the price list?


Thankyou, I have sent you a message with pricing


Sorry to hear that your venture didn’t work out. If you could send me a message with pricing that would be great!

Please send pricing as well, thanks Stay safe.

Damn that’s a lot of great gear.

Thanks Ian, yeah its a real shame how things have panned out but thats life.
Be a good opportunity for someone to get a lot of gear at well below wholesale prices

If anyone is interested in the quadcopter frames also, we have all the components for these, below pics are assembled examples, could suit a range of different motors if mounts can suit 25mm CF Tube.

Hi Charlie, could you please send me the pricing for the Herelink and Kore? We may need 2x of each. Thanks.

I up in the North Shore and interested in a Kore board and a Herelink, can you PM me?

Hi Charlie.
What model of HRTC Lipo Charger is this, and does it have a Li-Ion charging profile also?
Can you send a pricelist to me also?
Thank you.

Hi Kyle, details sent. Cheers

I’d be interested in a price list as well. Sorry about your situation.

Hi Charlie – could you send price/info on the 700mm frame please?


Hi I’d be interested in some of the team others and possibly the frames could you send me the price list or what you have left in stock

Are these still available as getting no reply to PM??

I PM you about the price list

I’m ready to buy some stuff, how about a price list

Thanks so much for the list Charlie. I would like two of the Here2 modules if it’s not too pricey to mail to Riverside, Calif. 92503. I just got one from the Netherlands for $70, wish I would have caught your post sooner. Let me know if you have paypal or how to send funds if they are still available.
Thanks, Kim McGinnis

Interested in the batteries.

Please send a price for both the 17 and 25Ah goods.