New FAA Regulations posted

I’m slowly (with a lot of conflicting emotions) sifting through the new 400+ page document entailing the new FAA regulations on remoteID.

What i’m understanding for now is that the RemoteID has to transmit location, takeoff location, and serial. The RiD over internet idea is out, as well as ADS-B out as to not oversaturate the frequency for manned aircraft. Still need to read through some more but it seems like there’s nothing pointing to a centralized network, just seems like UAV specific ADS-B.

Has anybody else read through this so far?

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Yes I have gone over the whole things now and put out a video on it too.

Basically it will have to transmit on WiFi or Bluetooth and be accessible with a standard smart device.

Gotcha. Also just read the executive summary as well which sums it up really nicely.

Thanks and happy new year Ian