New Firmware Update

Hello All,

Does anyone know when the next Herelink firmware version will be released?


Hex is still working on that part now and we believe we would release the update before March. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for the update Eric and please keep me updated.


no problem. We will

Hello @Eric_Xie,

There is no chance to have active gimbal control and top right button function before that?

Hello, Antonios,

Yes, it will have to wait until the new update of the SW. Thank you for your patience. The new SW will be released soon.

Any news on the new firmware update?

hello, Cameron,

The estimate time for update release would be in April. Thank you for your patience.

Hello All, I have seen the clip by painless 360, about 3 axis control for Herelink. On the video the 3DXR Owner Ben showed off the 3 axis control for Herelink. As per the post above I see it will be available with the firmware update.

Will this firmware update support Tarot 3 axis gimbal for GoPro Hero 7 Black?

Late march was the first estimate, now it was april and its almost gone. are there any latest news and firmwares and shipment of second batch of Herelink?

End of April is still not here… but I suspect another week before the beta 2 after that

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5th of May and still no update,I am now frustrated .

I am sorry that you are frustrated, but I am not sorry that I am not releasing code before it is ready.

I will not rush this. It is Beta, we announced it as beta. so please be patient or hand it to someone else who wants to be in the beta program

I have no problems with it being a beta. But saying it will be ready in January then every month until now is a bit frustrating.

Yep, I perfectly understand… we have stock sitting on our shelves that we are not getting paid for… so the frustration is felt here.

However, we are down to the details now.

Sorry again for the delay


Thank you Philip for your reply on this forum, I totally appreciate the situation and I am glad that you are not releasing the new software till it is proven reliable.

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Thanx for all your hard work @philip !!

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