New to Pixhawk 2.1

My first question is about the Warning banner I get at the top of the page here. It says to enter certain parameters in order for safe, redundant flight. Are these parameters covered in recent firmware updates or do I need to enter them manually?


Yes if you have a new Cube and install the latest ArduPilot these will all be preset as long as you select the correct version to install.

Note that the cube now comes blank with no firmware onboard so when you get it you will need to install the latest ArduPilot via mission planner ideally.

It worked just fine until I did a reboot after the firmware and Mission Planner updates. Now I get an error message saying to "Check BRD_TYPE:Unable to initialize - sensor. Not really sure what this means. The board type is set to “3” for Pixhawk as per SB2.

By the way, what do you mean by selecting the right version. Do you mean choose “Cube Black” where it says Cube Black?

When did you purchase your Cube