New version of qgroundcontrol, how do you get full screen like it did previously?


we used to double tap and it would give full screen but now double tap doesn’t seem to do anything.

Is this a software upgrade or faulty version?

Can you please let us know as soon as possible.


Hi. Double Tap works but very unreliable with the new QGC. If you tap rapidly more than two times it does go to full screen (and back). Noticed the same thing with QGC for iOS sometimes.

We have been using the older version with full screen to take snapshots from the video stream, unfortunately without full screen we’re looking at writing our own software in order to fix this problem. Is it possible to rollback to a previous version? or is it possible to get help from the cubepilot team to rectify this situation?
Edit: we found a work around… HerelinkVideo is able to do what we need.