No ESC telemetry

Been trying for over a week. Cant see any ESC data in MP status. All zero.
Cube with latest FW. ESC 4in1 F55A Blheli32. Dshot connected and working on AUX pins.
Have connected the ESC tx line to CONS middle pin (should be RX serial5)
Have set SERIAL5 to 16. SERIAL1 to 2(MAV2). set MP to MAV2. Some people have been able to see ESC info only when connected via USB, I dont even have that.
Cant check dataflash logs for ESC data as no logs are being generated. I guess its because so far its a bench setup and has not been armed (is that correct?).

Set logging while disarmed.

Now getting logs but dont see an ESCx field.
Checked log bitmask and most things are set. Nothing to do with ESC is unset.
Whats the best way to confirm if telemetry data is coming from the ESC?


I figured it out.

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Hello Vince

we use the same ESC as you, but still have problems getting any telemetry data. Would it be possible for you to share your parameter settings? Maybe we have a wrong setting somewhere else.

best regards

vince Q7.bin (14.0 KB)
Sorry for late reply NOTE. The system would not let me upload a .param file so I changed extension to .bin. You will probably need to change it back to read.

@philip or @sidbh
Happily Im now getting ESC telemetry data but only RPM,TEMP,VOLT. The Current and CTot (whatever that is, is just zero. Is there a way I can find out if this data is not being sent or the logs are not decoding correctly?
2019-06-03 11-38-51.bin (2.4 MB)

Edit ~~~ it may be that my ESC doesn’t have current sensing. Manual is not that clear as it does have an analog current output wire.