No Mavlink on GPS2 port on Cube

I am trying to connect mavlink devices to gps 2 port on cube black. This connector doesn’t work. I set serial4_protocol to mavlink it dodn’t help. SiK telemetry and other devices works on telemetry 1 and 2 and doesn’t work on GPS2. I checked on 2 cubes. My firmware 3.5.7. Can anyone connect successfully SiK radio to gps2 port ?

Which carrier? Have you confirmed wiring against published docs? Setup pics would help.

Carrier from pixhawk 2.1 the frist one … Wiring is ok because it works with telemetry 1 and 2 connector.

Hi anyone ? It will take 5 minutes to check this just disconnect SiK from telemetry port and connect it to GPS2…

If you have 4 wires in your 6 pin connector for your sik it should just work if it has 6 wires going to 6 pin connector the remove wires pins 4 and 5. Gps2 has i2c at pin 4 and 5 instead of flow control

hdtechk thanks for answer yes my SiK is working without porblems on telemetry2 port but it doesn’t work on gps2 port :frowning:

I found the solution:
must be set…

Lots of settings to look up :slight_smile:
Glad you found it.