No RTK float or fix with Here2 GPS and Here+

Few months ago I bought Here1 and Here+ GPSes for my multirotor 1 and I could get RTK float or fix position in MissionPlanner. Now on other multirotor nr 2, I mounted Here2 GPS. When I am, trying to connect my old Here+ GPS RTK to this new copter with Here2 I can’t get RTK position only DGPS. What I am doing wrong ? Is there special configuration for ROVER (Here2GPS) for connection with Here+ in RTK ? I am using newest MissionPlanner. I updated firmware of Here+ to 1.40.

The Here2 is not a RTK receiver just the here+.
Interesting the Here1 fixed or floated.

I know that Here2 is not RTK but as I understand it can be a Rover like Here1 ? I did only few test and I had RTK fixed on Here1 and Here+.

Ok I think I figured out why my second copter doesn’t work in RTK. My GPS Here2 is not + version its just Here2 so It will not work in RTK mode. I should buy more expensive version of Here2+ which will work in RTK. I thought that there is only one version of Here2 Gps but there are two versions :frowning: