No Sbus out signal from the AirUnit

Hello everyone,

We have the following problem:
Our Herelink AirUnit seems to be not giving out any SBUS Signal to either our DJI Ronin SC Gimbal, nor to a SBUS - PWM Convertor, which we connected to an ESC for a brushed Motor. We also connected a Camera Controller to the UART using the MAVCam Application. That works just fine.
The SBUS connection worked fine before.

What we tried so far:

  • Firmware Update for Ground- and AirUnit via OTA
  • tried to use SBUS 1 and 2
  • repairing the Remote
  • double checked Wire connection

Thanks in advance!

Can you please take a picture with your set up?

I sent pictures of our setup to you privately.

Hey, could you solve the issue?

Unfortunately not, I had to send it to the reseller. It is still there. So far no response.