No video transmission

(Pavel) #1

I connect HERELINK to the pixhawk, data is transmitted, the devices are connected. When connecting an action camera, there is no video transmission.
What could be the problem?


Many of the cheap gopro knockoffs don’t work, have a look at the list of supported cameras that people have compiled here.

(Ian ) #3

As Philip says many of these cheaper action cameras don’t actually output HDMI as per the spec even though they are fitted with what looks to be a micro HDMI port. Try a GoPro.

(David R. Boulanger) #4

Most likely the camera. I tried an Ekan and it worked for a few minutes and then the HDMI stopped working. Gopro has worked flawlessly.

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(Pavel) #5

Thank you for the answers, the issue was resolved by replacing the camera.

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