No yaw control

Been having issues with my cube. got most working, then motor layout issues popped up.
Same wiring, went for a test flight, and immediate hard roll right on liftoff. discovered motors were responding all over. Reflashed, same thing. Re wired, matched clockwise motor test, throttle, pitch, and roll respond well. But 0 yaw control, slight clockwise spin.
2019-09-10 11-00-10.bin (894.9 KB)

When I get it in a situation like this I start with the basics…

Save all parameters to file

Load plane, then reload copter
Then do a parameter compare.

Only bring in the parameters you are 100% sure you need.

Then try again

Yeah, I basically blank slated the bird. Just running here gps, for arm button, and flight deck. Tried flashing older firmware, same issue. Motor order isn’t matching up.

Motors as wired, clockwise from number 1 ( front right). 1,3,8,4,2,6,7,5. As per documentation. Frame class, 4. Frame type, 1. Servo 01, parameters 33, in proper ascending order through servo 08.

Wired so motor test sequence was correct. 75% success on flights. Liftoff, pitch, and roll control, but no yaw. I can hear motors spooling, but no rotation. If wired to documentation, immediate flip right.

Motor test wired as documented, occurs clockwise from motor 1 as,


This bird is 5 feet across, its painful to watch her struggle.

Especially knowing I have actually flown this bird in it’s full setup previously.

Post a photo from above, and mark your motor numbers and spin direction

Can finally flash the cube via laptop. Motor direction is still jacked.

Picture has motor number, and direction marked, as well as the motor test response order.

Looks to be setup correctly…

Keep adjusting till the motor order matches the motor test. At least 1=A :slight_smile:

Got her flying. Replaced my carried board.

Well, that’s confusing! Nothing else changed?
Please RMA the carrier board so we can follow up on this

Not gonna rma the board. It all came down to the soldering of the pins. I did a quick reflow, and it’s good as a spare. Absolutely 0 of the stock soldering was anywhere near quality.

On the carrier board? Photos? Evidence?

Can you explain how “bad solder” could possibly cause these symptoms?

Considering I asked you to RMA this board, so we could investigate it, do you realise you have now removed any chance of us finding out if there was a process flaw that may affect others?

If anyone has a fault and I offer to RMA the product, for the sake of everyone, including yourself, please RMA the board.

Given how sensitive some components are to requiring drying before reflow, there is a high chance that new issues have been added.