Not able to pair AirUnit and GroundUnit

(Swaroop) #1

I have a HereLink system with the following model numbers:
Ground Unit: HX4-06075
Air Unit: HX4-06074

I am trying to pair them since there was no communication out of the box. In the manual, its been instructed to go to D2D info in QGCS where there should be a display of frequencies received at the ground unit. I see a blank D2D screen. I went through the following topics:

But, unfortunately, none of them seem to be linked to mine. And I could not pair using the standard procedure. Screenshots are as below:
Ground unit D2D screen:

Ground unit system details:
Ground unit pairing fail:

I also successfully upgraded the firmware of both Ground and Air unit and the screens shots are as below. Even after upgrade, I get the same result…
Airmodule update screen 1:

Airmodule update screen 2:
Ground Module update screen 1:
Ground module update screen 2:

Requesting the community to help me out in figuring out what is the issue. Any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated.

@sidbh Most log messages have your name in the path. Could you please help me out ?

(Siddharth Purohit) #2

Can you share a video showing the process you are following?

(Swaroop) #3

Hello @sidbh,
Thank you for the response. Please find attached video link of the process that i am following. Do let me know if i am erring in any way.



(Swaroop) #4

Hello @sidbh,

Just checking in. Any help would be highly appreciated.


(Santosh sharma) #5

Try to again update firware with all option selected.
I was facing same problem after update it paired.

(Michael Oborne) #6

please do an update to both the air and ground unit using the latest firmware. Make sure you run the entire update and CLEAR the STORAGE as well. ie “flash_all”. this just ensures the update has no old settings that could cause issues,

documentation is here

(Swaroop) #7

Hello @Michael_Oborne,
Thank you for the suggestion. I did the same, but to no avail. Both ground and air unit were on the latest firmwares on the day of raising the issue.

(Michael Oborne) #8

On the air unit what LEDs are on or off and what is the color? Also the controller is not in aircraft mode

(Swaroop) #9

Hello @Michael_Oborne,

The air unit LED2 lights up on power on and with steady amber color. When i press the reset switch for 3 secs , it changes to blinking green and stays that way for a minute or so. Since the pairing process is unsuccessful, it changes back to steady amber. LED1 never lights up.

Pairing fails in airplane mode too.