Offboard control using herelink

Hi everyone,

Just a question:

Is it possible to use herelink for offboard control? (as for example, like we can do so using a telemetry radio system and Mavros ROS package)

I was thinking, since the herelink provides such a reliable link between the air and the ground unit, so can we communicate with the autopilot through herelink instead of attaching an onboard computer and communicating with it over the WiFi from the laptop. I just had a very vague idea of sending the mavlink commands through the QGroundControl installed on the herelink ground unit but I don’t know if it is possible.

I am very new to the cube ecosystem and still figuring out everything. My end goal is to be able to control a quadcopter using my laptop through offboard control mode provided by px4 (like using a script for completing a mission with mavros ros package).


I’m not sure if you could or not.
The Herelink is not a simple telemetry but packed into mavlink messages.

@Alvin Could you please tag someone who is / might be familiar with the subject ? I will be grateful for your help.

afaik mavros communicates via mavlink, so it could be possible to route the mavros output over there herelink to the drone. have a look at about how to connect a GCS over wifi (aka mavlink)