Official support channels?

Are there any offical support for this device?

An email address or phone?

Or is this forum the only place for support?


Official support is here

@Simba15 user support is generally through this forum. You can also contact the reseller you purchased the products from.

That’s disappointing that there is no real phone or email support. The product seems well polished but would be nice to have better resources.

How would one go about warranty or major diagnostics? There isn’t even a contact page for CubePilot.


@Simba15 Who did you purchase the equipment from? Most if not all our Resellers have direct contact information. If you are facing issues with your equipment which require servicing, you should be able to contact your resellers. If you are not able to contact your reseller you can tell us that here as well, and we will get that sorted for you.

If you are facing issues with regards to setup and operation, you can ask questions in this forum. All our customers are not located in the same timezone as us, that’s why we have resellers.