Onboard Diagnostics and Manual

Some of you may be familiar with the Eagletree Vector autopilot (no longer available). This autopilot was probably not as advanced as Pixhawk autopilots, but in some ways it was a whole lot better. It had some very endearing qualities: 1. It had a pdf manual that a user could download, print, and take to the field with him; and 2. It had an onboard video diagnostic system in plain English that could output via a standard three line servo connector to any FPV video screen. Thus a pilot could sort out system issues right at the field, without the need to lug around a computer with an internet connection or try to remember or decipher unintelligible beeps and LED blinks from the autopilot on what might be going on in the system. I believe that the latest Pixhawks have the power to accomplish the same feat. I just wish that someone would put together that functionality and make life a whole easier for Pixhawk users.

You can find the cube user manual here:

For the diagnostics, I believe any controller with built-in telemetry and GCS could show you the system status.