One esc not calibrate

Hello I would like to ask for advise. After a long time I finally get to the calibration of the pixhawk cube board which I bought decemeber 2017 ( CubeBlack 002B0024 3136510C 34313630). And I have similar problem to this archived topic .ESC no.1 won’t calibrate, other five are ok and spining. I would like to ask whaht can be the solution , If I still need to use the workaround with SERVO5_FUNCTION and how, when I have hexacopter and RC 5 is booked?
thank you.


ma be you have pluged the signal cable the cable backwards? (gnd on signal)

Did you try the ESC with a servotest?

can you send a pictures of the ESC pluged to the cube?


I tried to switch the two motors witch ESC and the problem was also switched. So the output no.1 is faulty. I would need to know how in mission planner switch output 1 for example to RC 7 which is available

Can I do something like this for Hexa with similar values?

“for an octo you can move motor1 to channel 9 instead. Set RC9_FUNCTION=33 with current stable. Set SERVO9_FUNCTION=33 with 3.5.”

yes you can do that… I did that some times ago to setup my blheli on the aux ports.

OK thank you I will try to move the motor 1 to another available output. Last question, I assume that 3.5 which is mentioned in sentence before is version of firmware? So any higher version should work the same way.

yes, 3.5is the FW, and we are on the 4.0, so pls update your FW!

Let us know if you could change the motor.


did you solve it?