One Herelink stick doesn't work

I just updated a Herelink unit. Both controller and air unit have been updated with the ‘flash_all’ file.

Actually trying to do the hardware calibration through the dial menu, everything looks to work fine with the right stick and scroll wheel, but nothing happens with the left stick. When it arrives to the red and black circle step, left stick doesn’t move and i’m unable to pass the test.

Any idea ? hardware ?

Did you resolve this ?

Not yet. Are you in same case ?

I forgot to precise that this unit was perfectly working before i updated it.

@sidbh , can you provide me the older images of firmwares to check if the remote works again ?

No but have you tried flashing the ground unit again ? Download fresh and reflash as per the instructions.

Yes, i flashed both units 1 more time to be sure it was not a bug providing the update process. And nothing changed. I would be please to get the first version of firmware to check it works again, if not it would say that is probably hardware.

I should speak with your supplier on this, something seems off.

I am the supplier :wink:

Please contact Eric :slight_smile:

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We have faced the same problem. Are there any solution about that?

I have the same issue with one of my units.

Contact your supplier