OpenSolo Default Parameters

Is there a canonical location/method to retrieve the latest default parameter files for OpenSolo?

I’ve poked around the GitHub, and I’m not having any luck at present.

I want to look into what parameters are being baked into ArduPilot/OpenSolo before flashing.

Why yes there is. The CubeSolo build (for stock cubes) uses the parameter file here

The CubeGreen-Solo build target uses

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Would I be correct in that the CubeOrange would use the CubeGreen target, or will that have its own upcoming parameter file?

Thanks as always, @Pedals2Paddles :pray: .

It has its own…

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Published in the Ardupilot repo yet? Because I’m having a bad day since I can’t seem to find it :laughing:

If it isn’t published yet, I understand, as it just recently went stable.

Thanks for all your hard work, Philip!