OpenSolo Default Parameters

Is there a canonical location/method to retrieve the latest default parameter files for OpenSolo?

I’ve poked around the GitHub, and I’m not having any luck at present.

I want to look into what parameters are being baked into ArduPilot/OpenSolo before flashing.

Why yes there is. The CubeSolo build (for stock cubes) uses the parameter file here

The CubeGreen-Solo build target uses

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Would I be correct in that the CubeOrange would use the CubeGreen target, or will that have its own upcoming parameter file?

Thanks as always, @Pedals2Paddles :pray: .

It has its own…

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Published in the Ardupilot repo yet? Because I’m having a bad day since I can’t seem to find it :laughing:

If it isn’t published yet, I understand, as it just recently went stable.

Thanks for all your hard work, Philip!

Sorry, didn’t see the notification on this. You definitely need to use the CubeOrange firmware build. It will bomb out if you try to load CubeBlack, CubeGreen, CubeSolo, etc. The USB dev IDs and hardware drivers are different so you need to use the CubeOrange build.

But you can then load the parameter file used by the green cube onto it. The parameters that matter to the Solo are the same and compatible across the boards. I put the BRD_PWM_VOLT_SEL parameter in both the files so it will always be on when you load it onto an orange.

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