Orange Cube ADSB

Serial5 protocol on Cube Orange for ADSB should be -1, 1 or 2 ?

If it’s the same as using the discrete PingRX module, then you’ll want _PROTOCOL = 1 and _BAUD = 57. You may have to set the output streamrate if your GCS doesn’t do it automatically by setting SR*_ADSB to a nonzero number.

Edit: Just got my Cube Orange today and I can confirm that the above settings work.

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@Anubis Thank you man.

Is the ADS-B module using COM5 ? I was hoping to wire the S-port telemetry on the CONS pin :frowning:

And since it’s my first such unit, how do I check if it’s working ? :smiley:

If you’re in an area with aircraft nearby, the easiest way to check if it’s working is to connect Mission Planner. It will display aircraft on the map. You could also use mavlink inspect (ctrl+F) and see if you have received any ADSB_VEHICLE messages.

And yeah, it uses serial5.

@Anubis - Rick, can you confirm that you have SR0_ADSB set to 2 as stated in the instructions? I’m not receiving ADSB traffic on MP from my Orange, although the Class D airport in my area is pretty small and traffic is light.

My relevant parameter settings are:
serial5_protocol 1
serial5_baud 57
adsb_enable 1
sr0_adsb 1

The other adsb_ settings are the default values. The streamrate can be whatever you want (2 is fine). sr0 is for the USB connection - if you’re connected via radio on telem1, use sr1.

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Quick Question since this seems to be the proper post for it.
I just got my Beta Orange with ADSB Carrier Board, installed the 4.0 Orange Copter FW and tuned all settings as per manual.
So far the Board only has GPS and its on a test plate with good GPS coverage (outdoors) but i cant seem to get any ADSB signals on my screen. Wierd part is that i am only a few Km from the main Airport runway and i am right on the planes path, which in theory means my screen should be covered with planes and less with Map. i have both power and usb cable on my board.
Any ideas?

How are you connecting to GS ? USB or Telem ?

Nm it’s the bootloader driver not behaving it seems On win 7 with the latest releases and the new driver package is not playing ball stopping flashing after the last release.