Orange Cube damaged processor

Hi, six months ago i installed an Orange Cube in boat and during this period the boat works without any problem! Two days ago i connected the battery (12V) but the Cube it didn’t work! No sound, no communication, tottaly dead except the LED!
I tried to connect it directly to PC by usb but it not connected! Also after checked of the micro SD i realized it was also damaged!
After all i opened the orange box and i saw a small hole on processor!! (picture) The strange is that i didn’t anything different on startup. I checked all connectors and wires and are ok. Now i have to replace the unit but im worry if there is any issue and it will happen again that damage.
Please for any help, suggestion etc THANKS!!

Did you connect 12V directly or through a BEC?
Which carrier board did you use?

Hi, thanks for you reply! Im using Hex Power Brick and BEC for servos. The board is ADS-B