Orange Cube drops from sky

I need help diagnosing what caused this crash. Vehicle was flying great in auto WP mission, then in between waypoints fell with no warning. I can see the voltage dropped about the same time, however the battery was checked and still full. The crash damaged the Cube however the .bin file from the SD card is uploaded here:

@philip @iampete

Battery voltage drops and it puts throttle to full to try and recover. If your battery is still measuring full then your power wiring is bad.

yeah, power to the power module has failed somehow.

Mind showing a photo of your power supply setup between battery and the cube?

@andrewbostaph I can try to snap a picture tomorrow, but if you are just wanting to know, it is the stock power module that came with the Orange Cube, plugged into Power1 on the carrier board.

@philip any suggestions to prevent this in the future? This was new hardware that was working great and less than 5 hours of use. Happy to drop the module in the mail to whomever for further diagnosis.

best way is to use both power modules, redundancy is your friend

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Hi Philip, drop happened to PDB or to the autopilot? I think the latter, therefore you suggest to use both power inputs on the Cube carrier. is it correct?


there were no issues on the Autopilot. power to the autopilot failed.

@philip thanks, yes we mean the same. We just purchased a Standard carrier with Mauch PC V2 for power redundancy.