Orange Cube - Failed to update IO Firmware, fix it and than reboot

Hi all.

I have an issue.
I have today downloaded and installed latest (stable) version of Mission Planner software and Arduplane 4.3 firmware for Pixhawk Orange Cube.
Once I Connect Orange Cube to PC, I see “Failed to update IO firmware, fix it and than reboot” into Mission Planner Messages.
I am unable to calibrate sensor (accelerometer, compass). Have anyone experienced this problem ? How can I fix ? Thanks

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May I ask ,is there any disconnection during firmware upgrade?
Did this issue happend on other firmware(like copter)?

I’m having the same problem with my Cube Orange. I was setting some parameters in Mssion Planner a few days ago and then it suddenly lost connection without any apparent reason and it wouldn’t re-connect. My PC wouldn’t even detect the board when I plugged in via USB and tried to find it in Windows Device Manager “Ports”. After doing some digging I found out that the drivers to connect had gotten messed up somehow. I cleared the drivers in Mission Planner and re-installed and I was able to connect to the Cube in Mission Planner again. But now when I connect it gives me the exact same error message that Enga described in their post above: “Config Error: Failed to update IO firmware”. I’m not sure why or how this whole thing happened considering that I never even tried to update the firmware to begin with. So I’ve tried re-flashing the latest FW (Copter V4.3.4 OFFICIAL) dozens of times, I even tried flashing the other firmwares (Rover, Plane, etc) and it either fails to flash completely, or it successfully flashes but keeps giving the same Config Error message. And when I try to select the frame type that I’m flying (‘X’,‘Y6A’ Hexacopter) it gives the error “Set FRAME_CLASS OR FRAME_TYPE Failed”. I’m running Mission Planner 1.3.79 build 1.3.8375.24878 (43447be8).
I’m completely lost at this point and I’m just trying to figure out if it’s a software/firmware problem, or a hardware failure. Please Help!