Orange Cube + Kore + 2 Herelink


What dho you think about this setup? Any recomandations or comments?


Dual air modules? Nice!
Looks good. But you could use the 3d printed case for kore.

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Will have one!

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What is the second Herelink for? For second video streaming or maybe redundancy?

the first one is for the pilot, camera and drone control. The second one is just to control te gimbal with 2 cmareas, zoom, etc. to the Camera Man.

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Nice setup!
What are the motor power connectors you have soldered on. Banana plugs with heat shrink?

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Hi! yes, we put bananas on the KORE, that way will be easy to do matinatinance, fixes, motor or ESC changes, etc.

Thanks and looking at doing similar with a new build.