Orange Cube - Kore Carrier - TBS Crossfire Nano Diversity - Issue getting telemetry

I am using the Orange Cube, Kore Carrier Board and TBS Diversity Nano for a Quad Copter. I can’t seem the get any comms from the telemetry 1 port (J4) to do radio calibration of the TBS RX. I have the RX bound to my Radiomaster w/TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2 (Working). Can someone help me set it up?

Orange Cube
Kore Carrier Board - J4 Telemetry Port
Pin1 - 5V
Pin 2 - TX -> RX on Nano Diversity
Pin 3 - RX -> TX on Nano Diversity
Pin 6 - GND

Mission Planner - v1.3.75.1 AND Arducopter v4.2.0 - Dev
Serial_1_Protocol = 23
Serial_1_Baud = 57
Serial_1_Options = 0

Radiomaster Crossfire XF Nano Div. RX
Output Map
Output 1 CRSF TX
Output 2 CRSF RX

Any help is appreciated.


I have never used TBS Diversity Nano before, but I saw SERIAL1_PROTOCOL = 23 (RCIN). Do you mean to use it as RCIN on telem port?

Or maybe it’s power problem?

@Alvin Yes RCIN on telem port

Did you follow the setup instruction from ardupilot wiki?

Also, it mentioned

  1. Crossfire (CRSF) receivers (see Team Black Sheep RC Systems, needs full UART connection for Telem)

instead of the designated RCin or SBUS input pin, by setting that port’s SERIALx_PROTOCOL to 23. However, some serial protocols require inversion (SBUS,FPort) and the UART must be capable of using the SERIALx_OPTIONS parameter to invert the RX input, otherwise, an external inverter will be required.

from Typical Autopilot Wiring Connections — Copter documentation

Otherwise, you may need to raise a topic on Ardupilot forum to look for any other with experience on setting up this controller.